“There are publicists, and then there is Lauren Cerand,” said Flavorwire, counting her among “35 Writers Who Run the Literary Internet,” in 2014.

Her work in 2015 includes publicity for the Windham Campbell Prizes, which will convene its international literary festival at Yale in September; and the annual Authors Guild Dinner, honoring Joan Didion, in April; as well as We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler (Bloomsbury, February); The Boatmaker by John Benditt (Tin House Books, February); The Truth is We Are Perfect by Janaka Stucky (Third Man Books, April); Small Victories: A Print Collector’s Story by Dave H. Williams (Godine, April); Lunch with a Bigot: The Writer in the World, by Amitava Kumar (Duke University Press; May); Bad Sex by Clancy Martin (Tyrant Books, September); Old Silk Road by Brandon Caro (Post Hill Press, October); the new edition of Preparation for the Next Life by Atticus Lish (Tyrant Books, November), and Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple (HarperCollins, December).

Her confirmed projects in 2016 include continuing publicity for the Windham Campbell Prizes; as well as Daniel Handler (and Lemony Snicket); and campaigns to promote the publication of Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet by Terese Svoboda (Schaffner Press, January); Square Wave, a debut novel by Mark de Silva (Two Dollar Radio, February); What Lies Between Us, the anticipated second novel by Nayomi Munaweera (St. Martin’s Press, February); A Single Happened Thing by Daniel Paisner (Relegation Books, April); Beer Money, a debut memoir of coming-of-age, and into her own life as an artist, by Frances Stroh (HarperCollins, May); and, in the fall, another novel from craft publisher Relegation Books, and a new novel by one of America’s most original writers.

Lauren has been called one of the “cultural gatekeepers in the literary world” by Time Out New York, and among the “Best of New York” by the Village Voice. According to the Nervous Breakdown, “Lauren Cerand is a singular powerhouse of vision and personality… there isn’t a hotter freelance publicist in the country.” She is known “as a freelancer of exquisite taste who only takes on projects that interest her,” says the Millions; a “talented publicist,” says the Wall Street Journal; “a social media pioneer,” says Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily Paper); and a “specialist in literary social networking,” says the Telegraph(UK). According to the Rumpus, Lauren is “in that rare category of people in publishing who are both arbiters of taste and a kind of ‘brand’ in and of themselves.”

Poets & Writers commissioned her articles, “Social Media for Authors: Forever in Search of Buzz,” and “How to Use Twitter to Connect With Readers.” She regularly speaks to audiences as varied as publishing professionals at Book Expo America and Penguin Books in London, and faculty within the Psychology Department at New York University. Her speaking engagements in 2015 include appearances at the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival, Yale Writers Conference, and New School Summer Writers Colony.

Lauren is a graduate of Cornell University.